Utopia's colour

Authentic colour in your life

Utopia is defined by the colourful glass we produce all over Europe. We spend a lot of time sourcing and nurturing our relationship to skilled individuals and hotshops in order to offer this very unique and rare material to our customers.

Glass blowing in general, but coloured glass in particular, is not made in many places. There are a handful of places where this kind of glass can be produced in the whole world, and all of them have unique (and secret) recipes for their colours.
All our colours are solid - this means they are inherent in the glass. We work with large pots of melted colours, and mix these colours to form yet another colour. It can be visualised like watercolours, where yellow and blue make a green, and when diluted with water it becomes lighter.

In the same way we create our pallets of colours, and sometimes the results are truly unique.
When mixing colours together we can layer them or put them next to each other. When we layer the colours the result is often a dense and muted aesthetic, where the pieces can be very different from piece to piece.