Where are the pieces made?

All around Europe! A piece with 3 materials means 3 individual makers in 3 distinct European countries.

Glass – handblown in England, Czech Republic
Ceramic - handmade in Germany, Austria, Scotland
Wood – hand turned in Finland, Germany
Metal – hand spun in England
Paper - hand processed in Germany

To watch videos of the making, visit utopiaandutility.eu/european-handmade


What payment methods do you accept?

Payments are processed via our secured system. We accept payment by credit card, and bank transfer (to pay via bank transfer, please contact us).


Where can I find information about shipping and returns?



Are your products sustainable?

Sustainability has been at the core of Utopia & Utility since 2012:

  • Responsible sourcing: we only use natural materials for our products, direct resources from the Earth.

  • Conscious design: our objects are conceived and created to outlive trends. They develop character through time and use, and both the design and materials are intended to be timeless, fitting both in the past and in the future.

  • Waste not, want not: it happens sometimes that some products get small flaws (a dent on the metal, a scratch on the glass…). These products can not be sold anymore at their original prices but are nonetheless beautiful crafts objects, beyond their tiny imperfections. These products are never discarded, they are put aside and will be offered at a reduced price during an occasional Sample Sale.

  • Local and ethical production: we produce where expertise is the best, and where crafts has the longest tradition. We work with small European artisanal workshops or individuals, ensuring transparency of materials, processes, as well as working conditions. About parity, we work with both female and male glassblowers, ceramicists and woodworkers, and our team is 50/50 composed of men & women.

  • Recycling materials: our products are fragile and packed with most care, which requires a certain amount of packaging material. Nonetheless, we put a real effort into using recyclable materials (cardboard and paper filling) and when this not possible, we make sure to use these in a considered way (example: we don’t put tape on bubble wrap to avoid it being discarded, you can thus reuse it yourself).
    We do also invest into high-quality packaging (double-walled cardboard boxes for instance), it not only ensures the security of the goods, but can also be reused multiple times. We ourselves reuse the boxes, pallets and filling chips from our suppliers. Recycling circle!


I saw a piece on Instagram (or somewhere else) that I like, and cannot see it here?

You are now visiting our online boutique, where you can purchase directly from us an exclusive range of products. To purchase a U&u piece from another collection, visit a retailer, or contact us and we will assist you in finding your dream piece(s).


How do I order wholesale?

You have a shop and want to stock our pieces? You are an interior designer and want to use our pieces in a project? We’d love to hear from you! Check out our general website to see our main ranges, contact us and tell us about you and your business, and we will send you our catalogue & price list.

Any other questions?

Contact us!