"I believe that everything that deserves to be made, deserves to be made well".

Utopia & Utility was founded in 2012 by Pia Wüstenberg. The company was originally run by Pia (in London) as the creative head and her brother Moritz (in Finland) as the business mind.

From the process to the finished objects, our motivation is to enrich life through beauty.

Crafts are at the heart of each object, we work closely with various European makers, creating timeless and ethically valuable pieces.

Being a female-led company, we believe in an equal presence of all genders in the workplace and cherish the individuals we work with for all their qualities. A workspace is about community, belonging, satisfaction, development and appreciation.


Definition :1. of or relating to a perfect or ideal existence Also: utopistic

We believe in the perfect imperfection.

When things are made by hand they are not uniform, not even, not perfect.

They are unique in every detail, they are full of life and imperfection and that’s our utopia. Everything we do is perfectly imperfect, we strive to be different and bold and to work as part of a community that believes in the same values we do.

We Value

SUSTAINABILITY. Everything we do is with locally sourced natural material, shaped by hand by individual artisans.

APPROACHABLE LUXURY. The luxury of our pieces is in their story of creation. Striking beauty so rich in narrative that the objects are physical storytellers.

TRADITION. All the craft processes we use are traditional tacit skills, often tied to specific regions in Europe.

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