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Utopia & Utility

Utopia & Utility is where we combine functional and fantastical.

All our pieces are handmade by individual european artisans and independent craft studios.

A Stacking Vessel is our flagship product

Stacked A Stacking Vessel takes the form of a vase, but is a handmade sculpture.

Unstacked Each piece can be unstacked, and used in its individual components.

Each component, is made by an individual maker, highly specialised in their particular material and making process.

I believe everything that deserves to be made, deserves to be made well

Pia Wüstenberg, designer and founder of U&u, echoing the words of her grandmother Elsa


All our pieces are handmade in Europe by small studios or individual makers working independently

Glass blowing

We work with glassblowers in Bohemia, England and Switzerland to bring to you the finest of European craft

Social Conscience

Handmade by people near you. Everything at utopia is designed by us and made in Europe. We work with small workshops and individual makers to manufacture our pieces.

Read more about our crafts on our main website
A vase being blown in the glass hotshop

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