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The Ruby Stacking Vessel, inspired by the reflections on gems, is characterised by the vivid colour of its glass and the unique runs of its raku bowl. A vessel like a jewel.

With its functional scale which makes it ideal for a small house or apartment, Emerald will tell you all about the rich story of the making of its colourful glass and glaze.

Alike the other collections of Stacking Vessels, this piece stands as a sculpture when stacked, and becomes functional once unstacked, the three containers acting as independent bowls and vases.

Dimensions : H. 37cm dia. 18cm
Dimensions are approximate, due to the handmade nature of the materials
Click here for a glimpse at the making of the Raku Ceramic

Handmade in Europe, by individual craftsmen: handblown glass (Czech Republic), raku ceramic (Germany), hand turned wood (Finland). The materials then come to our warehouse in North Germany where they are fitted and assembled.

Craft Challenge: Raku is a smoke fired glaze, achieving a beautiful crackle effect on a smoked ceramic base. It is a delicate material with a mind of its own: beautiful patterns emerge from the glaze and the fire, making each piece absolutely unique.
Creating such a large Raku bowl is a challenge, due to the shock the bowl experiences from the hot kiln to the ground where it’s left to cool until the craqueling appears, before being immersed in the oak wood chips to smoke. The hazardous hens running between the kiln and barrels also have to be taken into consideration during the making…!