Stacking Vessel - Satu Lavender

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Satu is a Stacking Vessel, the signature pieces at U&U : a set of individual containers, stacked together to create a sculptural vessel shape. Once disassembled each part becomes functional, serving as different bowls and vases. With its subtle teardrop shape and its dense colours, you will enjoy Satu's presence when displayed by a window, with light playing through the glass, reinforcing the contrast of its earthy composition.

Dimensions: height  23cm diameter 19cm
Dimensions are approximate, due to the handmade nature of the materials

Handmade in Europe, by individual craftsmen: handblown glass (Czech Republic), earthenware ceramic (Germany), hand turned wood (Finland). The materials then come to our warehouse in North Germany where they are fitted and assembled.

Craft Challenge: The earthenware we work with has a high grog content. Grog is a granular material giving texture and helping the clay to stop warping when being fired. This is an important characteristic to match precisely the round diameter of the glass. Nonetheless, the glass has to be blown first and then fitted to the ceramic bowl, due to this potential shrinkage of the ceramic in the firing process.

When (un)stacking the Vessel, please take care of the friction between the porous ceramic lip and the polished glass edge to avoid wear.