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Medium Heiki - Forest Green

Medium Heiki is rich in narrative and colour palette. Place it directly on the floor or on a table, and enjoy gazing at the fluid movements of the glass edges, of the colours and the handle, just like a painting.

Inspired by the buckets to be found in Finnish saunas, the Heiki vases are freehand blown containers, soft and bulbous. Each piece is unique and has been individually photographed, this is thus the exact piece you would get.

Dimensions - height around 19cm
Due to the handmade nature of the pieces, dimensions are approximate.

Handmade in Europe, by individual craftsmen: freehand blown glass (England), branch from around the world selected by us.

Craft challenge, the Heiki vases are a real performance in their making:
- timing is crucial in their making: two holes are drilled into the glass while still hot, and kept open until the glass has cooled down
- they are blown without a mould
- they show several distinct glass colours

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