• India Small Stacking Vessel | Black
  • India Small Stacking Vessel | Black
  • India Small Stacking Vessel | Black

India Small Stacking Vessel | Black

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Elegant and luxurious, the entry piece into the classic collectibles is a precious gift and a heirloom to cherish. Its generous proportions and yet subtle presence will embellish your home a little more everyday.

India Small is a Stacking Vessel, the signature pieces at U&U, consisting in a set of individual containers, stacked together to create a sculptural vessel shape. Once disassembled each part becomes functional, serving as independent bowls and vases. Since its launch in 2012, the India range is the bestseller collection at Utopia & Utility.

Dimensions: height  30cm diameter 15cm
Dimensions are approximate, due to the handmade nature of the materials

Handmade in Europe, by individual craftsmen: handblown glass (Czech Republic), hand spun metal (England), hand turned wood (Finland). The materials then come to our warehouse in North Germany where they are fitted and assembled.

Craft Challenge: the precision of the metal spinning used for the bowl to be connecting the glass and wood allows to create a seamless shape; India Small is one of the most refined shapes at U&U.
To watch videos of the making, visit utopiaandutility.eu/european-handmade