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Branch Bowl - Apricot tall Sandblast

A jar you will enjoy opening and reach your hands into each time you pass by !

The Branch Bowls are unique pieces. Each piece has been individually photographed; you can thus choose the exact piece you’d like to receive (piece #1 or #2 - click on the reference below to see the pieces individually).

dimensions - glass height 21cm, total height 27cm, diameter 11cm

Handmade in Europe, by individual craftsmen: freehand blown glass (England), wood (Finland). The materials then come to Germany where each branch stub is individually crafted in house, and fitted to embrace the opening of the glass.

Craft challenge: blowing the glass without a mould, and finding a small branch on a large diameter tree trunk, to enable the lid to follow the curvature of the glass.

NOTE - Unfortunately, a whole batch of 25 Branch Bowls has been placed on an irregular surface while being produced, resulting in some scratches at the base of each bowl (see picture). For this reason, we cannot sell the Branch Bowls at their original prices, but they are nonetheless adorable pieces, symbols of craftsmanship. We are thus offering them at a reduced price, hoping some design/crafts lovers can see beyond their tiny flaws. Luckily, the scratches can barely be seen when the Branch Bowls are standing on their base.

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